Whoever wants to donate, let him donate from his bag and who has accumulated riches should bear the responsibility – Al-Manar TV – Lebanon


The Director General of the National Social Security Fund, Mohamed Karaki, affirmed, “The Fund rejected the initiative of the Lebanese economic organizations,” and stressed that “Fund funds, especially in the end-of-service branch, are the rights of guaranteed workers and employees, which should not be affected, but should be preserved.” “It is also money that was not generated from a vacuum, but rather due to the policies adopted by the fund management and led to assets of 14 thousand billion – the branch of end-of-service compensation, which must be spent in its proper framework.”

Karaki said on Tuesday that “the guarantee borrows from the end-of-service compensation branch to cover the deficit in the sickness and maternity insurance branch, in order to preserve the fund’s contributions that included the examination and treatment of the Corona virus within its benefits.” He continued, “Therefore, he is in desperate need of these funds, during Corona’s crisis, especially in light of the failure of the state and employers also to pay their dues.

Karkari stressed that “these rights must be protected. Whoever wants to donate should donate from his bag, not from the bag of others.” And he continued, “Accordingly, the proposal of Shuqair is totally rejected. Whoever accumulates wealth on him is to bear responsibility”, and he called “both economic bodies and the union General workers to work expeditiously to establish an unemployment fund, in cooperation with the National Social Security Fund. ”

Source: National Information Agency


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