Who is “Muhammad Shoman” from whom his daughter disavowed?


The daughter of the fugitive actor, Muhammad Shoman, “Login”, came out with a video on her social media, in which she answered her father on her father’s allegations against the Egyptian authorities that his family was slow to die, after the arrest of his son.

She accused him of wanting to take advantage of the situation as an advertisement for his new movie, and I addressed him with a message saying: “There is no harm other than you being, we tried to remove your name from our papers, and I hope the authorities help us.”

In this report, we publish some information about the representative fleeing to Turkey, “Muhammad Shoman”.

He is one of the artists fleeing to Turkey during the dismissal of the late President Mohamed Morsi, who are known for his support. The current ruler in Egypt.

Muhammad Shoman joined the fugitive battalion to Turkey, such as the artist Hisham Abdullah, Muhammad Nasser, and others who sold themselves in exchange for a handful of money to tweet from abroad against Egypt, by launching rumors through the terrorist group’s channels sponsored by Ayman Nour and his companions, but the awareness of the Egyptian people, it was he The biggest bet is to respond to this infiltrated fragment, which represents nothing but itself.

Muhammad Shoman did not appear in the art world except in roles described by the public as a compars, but these people always seek money behind for anything, as described by the artist “Ahmed Siam” in one of the television interviews, that he suffers from a bad psychological condition, until he deceived everyone and joined the battalions The Brotherhood in Turkey, given that he was always the owner of devastating ideology leaning towards the terrorist group, and when he set foot on a Turkish fugitive from Egypt, he received from everyone and the first of them working with him in the field of art.


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