WHO Director: The world had to listen to us about Covid-19 – one world – beyond borders


The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tiedros Adanum Gebresus, confirmed on Monday that the authority has issued warnings at the highest level of the new Corona virus emerging since the end of last January, expressing regret that some countries ignored their recommendations.

He said in a video conference in Geneva: “The world had to listen attentively to the World Health Organization because the global emergency was declared on January 30th,” with 82 cases of the virus recorded outside China and before deaths were recorded.

The organization is under severe criticism, especially from US President Donald Trump, who earlier this month suspended Washington’s funding of the agency, after accusing it of underestimating the importance of the epidemic and rapprochement with China, where the virus first appeared late last year. Note that Trump did not provide any evidence for his accusations.

Tedros insisted that the United Nations organization provided from the outset sound advice “based on the best scientific facts and evidence”.

But he stressed that the organization’s mandate does not authorize it “to impose on states to take up their recommendations.”

Tedros noted that countries had to “take all public health measures” when the organization on January 30 considered the new Corona virus to be “a state of extreme emergency”.

He said: “We advise the countries of the world to adopt a comprehensive approach to public health” through investigation, testing, isolation and tracking of contacts.

He stressed that the countries that followed the recommendations of the organization are in a “better position” than others, adding that “it is up to the states to reject or accept” the recommendations of the organization, stressing the need for “all countries to shoulder their responsibilities.”

Covid-19 has resulted in more than 206,000 deaths and nearly three million injuries worldwide, according to an AFP count Monday.

The United States recorded about 55 thousand deaths, while the number of injuries on its soil is approximately one million registered.



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