WhatsApp Plus Plus 2020 whatsapp plus with an enhanced version for Android phones .. Here is the download link


WhatsApp is a blue app WhatsApp Plus, One of the modified versions of the famous instant messaging service “WhatsApp” owned by Facebook, which developers have been working on to add entirely updated features that are not available in the application Whatsapp The primary.
It features whatsapp plus, With many advantages that suit the needs of the user, as well as more privacy settings, where the modified application outperforms the original application with several important features that fit with users better than before, and the application offers multiple and completely free features.

Whatsapp Blue Plus WhatsApp Plus

It is an instant messaging application that is very popular, and one of the most prominent features of the application is that it does not occupy a large area of ​​the phone space, as the application comes in a size of 34 MB, and it can be installed on Android phones with low specifications or low space.

Blue WhatsApp Plus features

In addition to the features available in the main application, WhatsApp Average features the ability to hide the appearance time and reading marks of conversations, as well as specify the time to hide the date and time preset in the feature feature, and the ability to change colors and backgrounds.

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Among the most important features of privacy Whatsapp Blue, which makes it very popular, is a feature that allows users to lock any conversation with a password, and grants Whatsapp Blue Its users also have the ability to change writing fonts within conversations.

Additional adjustments to the application of WhatsApp Blue

Among those features that are not available in the basic application owned by Facebook, is the recovery of deleted messages, and allows Whatsapp Blue The ability to recover deleted messages within the application settings.

Other features were added alongside previous features in the new update, including the ability to hide media from photos and video, and the ability to save the conversation in a zip file and refer to it at any time.

You can download the latest version of an application Whatsapp Blue Plus WhatsApp Plus Here


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