What is the truth of what the head of Damascus Radio News spoke about Speaker Berri ?!


After a comment was published on Facebook to the director of news in Damascus Radio, Ahmed Refaat Yusuf, which said:

“Nabih Berri in Lebanon is one of the hardest of corruption and the partner of political Hariri, and its syndrome is the corruption that destroyed Lebanon affected by Syria. People who believe that Berri is from the resistance alliance, and it is a burden on them, will mistake the master that he is trying to invest as a political front.”

Until the response came quickly, to deny what was published:

“Damascus Radio Director Ahmed Refaat Yusef confirmed, through a post on his Facebook page, that his page was compromised, and he apologized for everything that was published on the page.

Youssef wrote on his Facebook page:

“My personal page was hacked since yesterday and some posts were published on the page and other posts were deleted before the page was restored a while ago and we apologize because what was published does not express the opinion of any official or unofficial party.”

This comes after the circulation of media sites for a post on the page of the Syrian media himself criticizing the Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, Nabih Berri.

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