What is the fact that 10 soldiers from the 2nd Land Border Regiment were hit by “Corona”?


The Army Command – Orientation Directorate issued the following statement:

“Some media and social media are reporting a false statement attributed to the army leadership, which includes allegations that 10 soldiers from the 2nd Land Border Regiment were wounded and isolated with their families.”

The statement added: “It is important for the army leadership to categorically deny what was stated in the statement, and confirm that necessary and necessary preventive measures have been taken and that there are no proven injuries among the officers and officers of the 2nd Land Border Regiment, with the exception of the officer who announced yesterday his injury knowing that his condition is good and he is under treatment. “.

The army leadership warned against “the consequences of fabricating news and data and attributing them to the military, especially in these delicate circumstances the country is going through”, renewing “the media’s call on its various authorities to be careful in dealing with the military institution’s news, and to adopt the official news issued by the directive directorate through its data And official social media pages. “


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