What did the artist Hassan Asiri say after Rams crazy official mold?


Source: Arabic.Net – Nadia Al-Fawaz

The Saudi artist, Hassan Asiri, opposed the broadcast of the episode in which he was a guest of the “Ramiz Majnoun Official” prank, and after three days of his anger, he was convinced to agree to broadcast it after he was certain that entertainment is part of people’s lives and the pleasure of viewers is a beautiful thing.

The artist, Hassan Asiri
The artist, Hassan Asiri

This came during his conversation with “Al Arabiya.net” after broadcasting the episode on Tuesday evening, the fifth day of Ramadan, to tell the story of what happened and what happened behind the scenes, saying: “I dealt with the Ramiz program very seriously, after I was hosted by the artist Arwa, which I previously recorded a meeting With her during the past years, when I knew that the program was for the artist, Arwa, I made sure that it was very serious, especially as the recording of the program was in Dubai Studios. ”

And he continued the narration of the story: “When I came, the artist Arwa greeted me and had a dialogue with me for half an hour, and then things were fine, and suddenly” Ramez “appeared in front of me to make me a mix between laughter and sadness, and the work team was very respectful and intelligent in deluding people and guests with the seriousness of the episode So a lot asked me about the reliability of the prank arrangement.

He concluded his speech: “I went out to the public and I am afraid of their upset, and I apologize to everyone for any inappropriate words, and every year everyone is fine.”

Social media activists deliberated the words of the artist Hassan Asiri, and his talk with Ramiz Jalal, while he was subjected to a mold, in his program “Ramiz Majnoon, an official” with a statement that raised a lot of surprise, and the circulation of this episode reached “Trend” when he said: “By God, I curse your blasphemy,” and he was surprised. The last of the sentence and asked him: “Are you threatening me?”, And Asiri responded to him saying: “This sentence we have in Saudi Arabia means that I love you strong.” Ramez continued: You do not provoke you, so Ramez then sent a message to all those in the photo studio, saying: “In it No one in Saudi Arabia, O group, “Asiri shouted, saying: No, indicating that he does not want Ramiz to discover the true meaning of the sentence.


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