What did Dybala say about Ronaldo and Messi? Sports – International stadiums


Argentine international football star Paulo Dybala, the star of the Italian Juventus attack, revealed his first conversation with Cristiano Ronaldo after joining Juventus from Real Madrid.

Dybala said, in an interview published by the Argentine Football Association website, that he assured Ronaldo in their first conversation that they hated him in Argentina.

Dybala explained: “Ronaldo is a very special and social person and a good friend of those around him inside and outside the changing room. Ronaldo is always ready to speak. I told him during my talk with him on a trip: in Argentina, they hate you a little because of your personality and the way you walk, but I found something different. “I know my nature. I used to receive criticism. From here, I started seeing this differently,” Ronaldo told me.

Dybala also talked about his role in the Argentine national team and what he mentioned about the difficulty of playing next to Messi, as Dybala said last summer that he needed to adapt to the way Maradona played in order to give him a prominent role.

Dybala admitted that he was not supposed to say this statement and that he had to say this differently.

He explained: “There are some who want to understand these statements with bad intent. I had not previously tried to criticize any colleague. I just wanted to improve something that was going on and give more to the Argentine team with better results.”



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