What are the symptoms of Corona that necessitates calling the ambulance immediately?


Anesthesiologist in Russia, Alexei Borodkin, advised citizens to call the ambulance immediately if they had a fever above 38.5 degrees, suddenly and without any introduction.

He said in an interview with Moscow radio station, today, Monday: “This means that the temperature did not rise gradually, but rather suddenly, and not against the background of a somewhat known illness, but it rose feverishly quickly above 38.5 degrees.”

He added: “Another symptom of infection with the dreaded virus infection is a sudden increase in temperature with a feeling of weakness, weakness, headache, sore throat and a feeling of eye pain. If a dry cough is added to these symptoms with a feeling of hypoxia, that is, a feeling of lack of air, and movements accompanied by shortness of breath, You definitely need to contact the doctors. ”

According to the doctor, infection with the SK virus causes you to feel that there is something irregular in your health, there is a problem breathing in the fullness of your lungs, accompanied by unpleasant sensations, such as coughing and dizziness.

Borodkin explained: In order not to get confused and obsessive to the virus, you need to try to breathe with a full chest by filling your lungs deeply, and holding your breath for a period of ten to fifteen seconds. If at this moment there are no disturbing sensations, coughing and dizziness, and also after exhalation, and the breathing is calm after that, then this means that everything is normal and in order and that you have survived the Corona infection.

Nearly 20% of patients with corona infection suffer from serious complications from unknown causes.

But it is clear that the state of the patient’s immune system in addition to some genetic factors, is relevant.

Understanding this could lead to a decrease in the number of patients who need to stay in intensive care.

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