Weinstein’s third indictment of sexual assault in Los Angeles


Former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was charged with a third sexual assault case as part of a case being investigated by Los Angeles prosecutors.
“We continue to prepare and strengthen our case,” said Los Angeles Attorney General Jackie Lacey. A former producer, imprisoned in New York State, after being convicted of sexual assault and rape, has charged three counts of sexual assault in California, with what the prosecutors announced.

Relationships “brought consent”

Weinstein is accused of sexually assaulting an unidentified woman in Beverly Hills in May 2010.

The new charge, unveiled on Friday, adds to two previous accusations announced in January.

He accused the former producer of forcibly entering a woman’s room in a hotel and raping her on February 18, 2013 and assaulting another one the next day in a hotel room in Beverly Hills. Weinstein denies that he was older than that, stressing that all of his relations came by mutual consent.

“If we discover new evidence of crimes that were not known as is the case here, we will conduct an investigation and determine whether new charges are necessary,” Lacey said.

No date has been set for the start of the trial, but the public prosecutor’s office confirmed on Friday that it had proceeded with a request to transfer Weinstein.

In this new dossier, Harvey Weinstein faces the prospect of a 29-year sentence.

So far, about 90 women and Einstein have been charged with harassment, gender assault or rape. But most of these cases are covered over time.


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