Weekend weather is raining … beware of strong winds


The Department of Meteorology estimated that tomorrow, Thursday, the weather will be partly cloudy with a significant decrease in temperatures in the mountains, fog on the heights, and active winds, which sometimes rise to near 60 km / h. It says in the following leaflet:

General situation: Spring weather dominates the eastern basin of the Mediterranean until Friday, when it is affected by an air depression that leads to fluctuating and rainy weather with strong winds exceeding 60 km / h sometimes.

The expected weather in Lebanon:

Wednesday: Partly cloudy to partly cloudy with no temperature change, local fog forms on highlands and winds occasionally rise.

Thursday: Partly cloudy with a noticeable drop in temperatures on the mountains, fog on the highlands and active winds, which sometimes rise to a speed of 60 km / hour.

Friday: Partly cloudy with active winds loaded with dust and a noticeable rise in temperature. In the afternoon, it turns cloudy with strong wind speeds. Approximately 70 km / h, especially in the south. Mild light, muddy in the evening, and lightning, thunder, and thunderstorms. The winds get strong. Approximately 85 km / h. The sea wave rises with it.

Saturday: Overall cloudy with low temperatures and fog on the highlands, sporadic rain, sometimes accompanied by active winds, occurs.

Expected temperatures on the coasts from 12 to 24 degrees, in the mountains from 14 to 21 degrees, and in the interior from 13 to 25 degrees.

Surface wind: Southwesterly during the day to southeasterly at night, its speed is between 10 and 35 km / h.

Visibility: Overall, average.

Relative humidity on the coast: 60 and 85%.

Sea: wavy. Surface water temperature: 19 ° C.

Atmospheric pressure: 756 mm Hg.

Sunrise hour: 5,58 Hour of sunset: 19,15


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