Wednesday morning: Banks withhold the dollar, and Hezbollah is upset … Which fate for the school year?


Good morning. Here are the most important developments on Wednesday 1 April 2020:

Today’s Manchette titled: Banks withholding the dollar and its price shave off financial appointments tomorrow … and these names It seems that the dollar crisis has reached an advanced stage after the banks almost completely stopped providing their depositors with the vital currency necessary for the conduct of some urgent matters, which led to a rise in the price of the dollar against the lira at some cashiers to more than 3 thousand pounds.

In the editorial “Al-Nahar,” Samir Atallah wrote: National sweep Why was the pandemic named and whoever called it, we do not know. But the Arabs, from the beginning, have emitted most of the evil that befell mankind, according to the fact that it was the six Eve who ruined the joy of Heaven for a reckless freak.

In today’s articles, Nabil Bou Moncef wrote: To be a government! In the phase of the compulsory, long-term patience imposed on the Lebanese, as is the case with all the peoples and countries that are fighting the fateful confrontation with the epidemic, we see that we are searching in the mountain of escalating crises in our country for rare positive points that may provide the Lebanese with some doses of bullying over this time …

Michelle Tueni wrote: Expatriate return Of course, the return of expatriates is necessary, but the question is why did not happen before the general mobilization? The government was obligated to return them before the country was closed. That the airport be opened after three weeks for planes carrying people who may carry the virus and mix with non-infected relatives for a dangerous matter. And if the government will ask the expatriates to carry out the necessary checks before returning, how will this happen in most countries where there is not enough of these tests, and is it possible The Lebanese state has provided 20,000 examinations, after the number of returnees has reached this number.

Ibrahim Bayram wrote: Hezbollah is upset with the statement of the four presidents: a departure from the assets of the “game” and an attempt to protect “deposits” Although the resounding statement recently launched by the four former prime ministers, it seemed as if it excluded and neutralized “Hezbollah” from its “shocking attack”, in exchange for focusing on the leader of the “Free Patriotic Movement” MP Gibran Basil under suspicion that he was seeking to arrest the financial decision in The country, however, the party appeared in a provocative situation, and included this sudden attack on the government and its performance, as if it was an attack on it itself.

On the departure of Abdel Halim Khaddam, Monalisa Freiha wrote: Khaddam, the memory of three decades from Syria and Lebanon, and the “Damascus Spring” were his last battles in favor of the regime Upon defection from the Syrian regime in 2004, Abdel Halim Khaddam expressed his intention to write his memoirs. And since that year, Professor Ghassan Tueni welcomed its publication via “Dar Al-Nahar” upon its release. Yesterday, Khaddam missed 88 years without leaving blog notes, or at least it has been published so far. And on the importance of his book, “The Syrian-Iranian Alliance and the Region,” issued in 2010, it was possible for a written memory of a man who raised much controversy in his country as in Lebanon to form a history of three important decades in which two presidents lived in Syria, during which he was an engineer of the Syrian tutelage over Lebanon .. .

And Rosanna Boo wrote Moncef: Parties regained their role and the government to pass the time! When the pillars of the authority were forced to vent the contradictions expressed by the Lebanese uprising last October 17, they forcibly went to a government of technocrats on the basis that the demands of the uprisings would be met, but at the same time proving that these people could not lead the country with its sectarian and sectarian details and its great sensitivities. With the outbreak of the Corona epidemic on a global scale, Lebanon did not provide …

Sabine Owais wrote: Dollar of banks joins dollar market circulars paving the way for the “haircut” The citizens who were locked in their homes under the weight of fear of the continuation of the Coruna epidemic were not lacking, except for more restrictions on the movement of withdrawals in light of the reduction in the number of banking branches operating in various Lebanese regions, as well as the reduction of working hours in them, leading to the cessation of giving the dollar within The ceiling of the weekly withdrawals, as was the case after the outbreak of the popular uprising …

Ibrahim Haider wrote: What fate for the school year and for the official certificate? The path set by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education for distance education is still being piloted, and it needs a lot to be able to say that we have taken the path of real compensation for suspending studies in schools and universities due to the Corona virus …

Batoul Bazi wrote: Benefits of private school employees are at risk … “The disaster is coming” The educational sector crises in Lebanon have continued since the education was interrupted for a short period during the October 17 uprising, until the complete closure due to the outbreak of the Corona virus. The first month will come to disable schools, and the fate of the school year is still in the wind. The crisis that worsened today, pockets of employees in private schools rang by the end of the month and waiting for their salaries to be paid.

Rajih Khoury wrote: Corona breaks the human and the world! The media is being flown at half-mast in Spain, which is overwhelmed by the horror of Corona, as in Italy, which suffocates and is not of enough respiratory masks. A group of predators, not from a single person in the street that used to be a river flowing with people. Is the Vatican Square better, what about the streets and squares of London and Paris?

Sarkis Noam wrote: Yes, American for the nuclear power of many countries, and not for the nuclear of Iran At the beginning of the meeting, the important official in an American organization whose official mission is to defend Israel’s interests in the United States talked about his country’s relations with Lebanon, specifically about its assistance to his army and armed forces, he said: “In Congress efforts to take a decision or position calling on the US administration to stop this aid. The reason is that when Hezbollah has enough modern and accurate missiles and weapons.

Who decides the request to suspend the payment of rents after the payment has faltered Tenants are demanding and landlords refuse Living crises follow and are paid for by the citizen as a result of the state’s failure and chronic failure to address most of the social and financial files. The rents are one of these crises that officials deal with in dealing with the Lebanese way, while continuing and for years, by throwing responsibilities on the lessors and tenants, while the official authorities have not shied away from the ball of responsibility and almost complete repudiation of the required role.

Al-Hariri Hospital returns to the front: the chain landed or flew? After the Rafic Hariri University Hospital suffered from the neglect it suffered over the past years, it became in the time of “Corona” the kiss of official and popular attention after the “Al-Mousa” reached everyone’s neck and the epidemic threatens the community. Of chronic injustice and neglect, particularly since 2017, when the series of ranks and salaries was approved and was not translated into an application decree affecting its workers. Accordingly, the struggle of the hospital employees began to culminate in the issuance of Decree 3375 issued on 07/20/2018, which includes a new series of their salaries.

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