We stand behind the government to ensure the best treatment for the return of the Lebanese


The leaders of “Amal” and “Hezbollah” movement affirmed the “necessity of implementing the financial and economic plan by the Lebanese government to take its path towards implementation in a gradual and balanced manner within the framework of a new vision that simulates the living requirements of people, especially the segment of the poor and those with limited incomes.”

In a statement to them after a joint meeting attended by Amal Movement, Chairman of the Executive Authority Mustafa Fouani and Preparation and Orientation Officer Ahmed Baalbaki, and on behalf of Hezbollah, President of the Executive Council Mr. Hashim Safieddine, and the Liaison and Coordination Unit Officer Wafik Safa, the two leaders stressed that “the stage facing the country needs more From cooperation and solidarity among all Lebanese to crossing the threats posed to Lebanon from many sides, and to wrapping all political and societal forces around the measures that leave the country out of its ordeals. “The meeting commended the actions of the Lebanese government, the Ministry of Health, and all the assisting bodies in facing the Corona epidemic, while stressing that the Amal Movement and Hezbollah put all their capabilities in the service of the official and government agencies, stressing “the need to accelerate the implementation of the government decision to provide urgent financial assistance to poor families and affected families Of the repercussions of the epidemic. “

Regarding the return of the Lebanese expatriates and those wishing to return, the two sides considered that this step is important and came in response to the positions that consider the Lebanese expatriation abroad as a vital and essential part of the Lebanese entity. Sanitary and practical frameworks and controls.


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