We are preparing for a second part of “Harem Karim” with the same heroes


Source: Arabic.Net – Mohamed Ahmed

The artist Mostafa Amar has achieved a special equation from his artistic beginnings until now, as he is the closest star to the so-called “comprehensive artist” that represents, sings and composes at the same time.

In his interview with Al-Arabiya.net, Qamar spoke about his artistic career, his new album, and his new cinematic projects, and what was reported about a second part of the movie “Harem Karim”, and another part of the album “To Whom It May Concern”, and Qamar also spoke about his children and the truth of his support for his son Tiam to become an actor.

Mostafa Amar
Mostafa Amar

* It was noticed that you were away from the music scene for a long time, almost 6 years ago?

** I have never been absent from the music scene, and this is not true by the evidence that every time I release a single song, but I may have been absent from releasing albums for nearly 6 years, but I focused recently and released the album “Laughter Lea”, and decided to return it after a while Absence since my last album, “I Am Safe”.

* How would you rate the album “Laughter Lea” and the mass reaction to it after the absence?

** Praise be to God the album succeeded strongly I did not expect, and the reaction from the audience, critics and artistic community was very positive, and the artistic community and colleagues received the album with great enthusiasm, as many stars called to congratulate me on the album, and what achieved success in the album from my view that I presented various and diverse ideas , In addition to renewed musical instruments that I did not present before. Thank God very satisfied with the success of the album, through which I cooperated with a large number of poets, composers and distributors, including Tamer Hussein, Issam Hosni, Dahi Jabr, Muhammad Taha Al-Jazzar, Hamada Al-Sayed, Muhammad Yahya, Tuma, Muhammad Al-Nadi, Adel Hakki, Wissam Abdel-Moneim, Ahmed Ibrahim, Tariq Haseeb, and other important makers. the song.

Mostafa Amar
Mostafa Amar

* Why did you decide to produce your last album, “Laughter Leah”?

** Album production is a very logical and thoughtful decision, because any production company does two things, either to formally share with you and share the profits, or specify an outstanding value and a percentage that you take from any singer, in addition to the intervention of the production companies in both large and small, and for this reason I decided that the matter should be in my hands and a royal decision This is why I produced the album, especially since my experience allows me to do so, and I know very well the return from the album through clear studies.

Heroes of the first part of the movie
Heroes of the first part of the movie “Harem Karim”

* I presented an album entitled “To Whom It May Concern” twenty years ago, so what is the truth about your intention to release a second part of it?

** Indeed, I decided to release a second album with the same name as a second part, and the album will carry a new case where he will talk about Egypt and its circumstances, and includes 8 or 9 songs in love with Egypt, and he will participate in me by singing in the song of my brother singer “Yasser Qamar” in a song called “Traveler”, and songs The album will be in the form and modern distributions that suit the culture of current generations, and the album will mainly depend on the wood machines.

It will include songs such as “Old Men in the City”, “Why sleep” and “Your Eyes are Home”. The album bears the name “To Whom It May Concern” because I cherish this album, which was presented to me twenty years ago, and it was the true passport between me and my audience, and I will put the second part soon and I bet on it strongly because it is different.

* It was reported that there are preparations for a second part of the movie “Harem Karim”, so what is the truth of that?

** Indeed, there are real steps to making a second part of the movie, and the script came to Zainab Aziz, author of the first part of writing the lines for the second part, and almost all the heroes of the first part will be in the second part, and they welcomed the idea in a way that I did not expect.

Mustafa Qamar and Talaat Zakaria from the movie
Mustafa Qamar and Talaat Zakaria from the movie “Harem Karim”

* What about the role of the late artist Talaat Zakaria, who was one of the main roles?

** Regarding the role of the late Talaat Zakaria, we did not settle for an alternative and we thought of a dramatic solution to his role, and we decided that his role will be present technically, as we mention it within the events of the film in a flashback way, and the true death of Talaat Zakaria affected me a lot because he was a friend of mine at the level Artistic and personal.

*What Encouraged you to submit a second part of the work after 15 years?

** The movie “Harem Karim” has become part of the Egyptian House, and it is always broadcast across channels on all holidays and occasions, and this work in particular has a large fan base, and this is what made me think that there will be a second part, not only that, I am waiting for the presentation of the second part and perhaps There will also be a third part.

Mustafa Qamar and his son, rising actor Tiam
Mustafa Qamar and his son, rising actor Tiam

* It was rumored that your son “Tiam” would be one of the “Harem Karim 2” champions, so is this true?

** Indeed, he will participate with me and he will be one of the heroes, and “Tiam” will not participate because he is my son, but because he, as an actor, has proven talented, works his way by himself and moves in good steps. He participated in many successful works with other artists and without my intervention such as “Ahhuh, which became With Ruby, Mohamed Farraj, and “Abu Al-Banat”, with Mostafa Shaaban, “Taqah Nour” with Hani Salama, and other works, so I do not compliment him, and it is strange that I thought about his participation and agreed after a difficult time despite his refusal in the past to participate in My business.

Q: What about your oldest son, Iyad? Will we soon find him as an actor or singer like his father and brother?

** No, “Iyad” does not like acting or singing, but he is also talented technically in playing music, and he is a fan of playing guitar, as he sings in English only and does not like singing in Arabic, and generally no one knows what can happen in the future, so he may change His opinions sings in Arabic, especially that he has a wonderful and very distinctive voice.

* I was absent for years from drama, what is the reason?

** There is no deliberate move away from the drama, on the contrary, I welcome TV works, and I received a number of shows in the recent period but they did not take place, but I honestly admit that I fall short in the right of the drama even though I see it going through a period of strong recovery in the recent period, and I hope to provide work Befitting me and my republic


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