“We are in jihad” … Sabreen responds to the attack by some on photographing under the shadow


05:51 PM

Tuesday 21 April 2020

I wrote – Yasmine Al-Sharqawi:

The artist Sabreen said she committed to staying at home for the 14 days that the state has requested to limit the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid 19).

“Sabreen,” during her intervention with the program “Al-Sattat Maarefosh Yaddabua” on the CBC channel, added that the artists’ requests to the public not to leave the house were met with ridicule from some, especially in light of the artists completing their artistic depictions.

And she continued: “I had to go out after I had committed to the 14-day period, because the work did not stop, and given the tremendous responsibility that remains on the one if there is a sense that you are not in a lot of people who will sit at home, it is not a financial issue, it may not be a moral issue that in one opinion you will stop work progress Great, a very strong conscience struggle, between your children, the families whose homes are open, and not yourself! “

She explained: “It is possible that if I transmitted the virus, I would bring it home. I am not sacrificing myself, but I am sacrificing my mother if it is a norm with me, an elderly person, or someone from my child.”

She concluded: “By saying to the whole system of work in Ramadan as media and art, and as serials, by saying to all people my greetings and appreciation and thank you, my colleagues … because we tried as much as possible to strive .. (We are in jihad with his consent, O God and the Great God) We are sitting in 12-hour photography, we don’t know how to go in the ban”.

Sabreen talked about her role in the series “Layalina 80”, scheduled for Ramadan 2020, and she hoped the audience would like it.


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