Watch my heart program rest assured episode 4 from Somalia


Watch a program My heart Rest assured episode 4 fourth One of the humanitarian programs supported by the UAE Red Crescent collects donations from around the world to help those in need

My Heart Rest assured Episode 4

In the fourth episode of the humanitarian program, my heart reassured the young Emirati “Ghaith” from Somalia

Where he helped a Yemeni expatriate there sell in the streets to help her children in very difficult circumstances, living in exile without a breadwinner or support

Ghaith provided 10,000 Somali shillings to the hidden family there, which the lady is raising

The story of the episode revolves around Intisar, which Ghaith met in the street selling Khmer to show that he spoke with her that she was an expatriate and a widow supporting her children with a very simple income.

The story of the program, my heart reassured

a program My heart is reassured One of the most famous programs in Ramadan 2020 in the Arab world, since about two years ago a young man appeared to hide a face, with distinctive clothes and body

He holds the flag of his country, the UAE, wearing a hat and wearing a bag

It goes to the most needy people in the Arab world and some Muslim African countries

He solves a financial problem for them, gives them capital for a project, gives Dhabia a guarantee for his education, and so on.

Who is the young Emirati Ghaith?

He is a young Emirati national, based on Help People, but he did not reveal his identity from the beginning of his first season until this third season

The program offers realistic social situations, and a young man named “Ghaith” works to help her in different countries.

Such as Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Uganda and others.

The duration of one episode ranges between 8-15 minutes, as the program presents 30 humanitarian cases every Ramadan.

There were 3 seasons of it until Ramadan 2020, and there was a short season called the Extra Season, which included 8 episodes that were shown in November 2019.

Where the sponsors intend to make the “Ghaith” anonymous, to focus on doing good

So the second season saw a change in Ghaith’s clothes, with the aim of reducing the chances of him getting to know the audience.

My heart is reassured


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