Watch … Mobile hospital of the Saudi Armed Forces against Corona


Source: Riyadh – Arabic. Net

The Saudi Ministry of Defense has completed preparing a mobile hospital inside the King Fahd Hospital for the Armed Forces to take maximum precautions as part of precautionary medical procedures to counter Corona Virus The newcomer, and to support the Ministry of Health in activating the crisis management plans.

Complete medical services were provided, the use of the most advanced and appropriate medical devices for this type of hospital, and the support of qualified medical teams to deal with such cases, in order to preserve the health of the citizen and the resident.

To that, the “Al-Arabiya” field tour revealed the equipment carried out by the health departments at King Fahd Hospital of the Armed Forces, where it has all the medical specialties, with a capacity of more than 50 beds.

These medical services came to support the precautionary efforts and proactive measures undertaken by the Ministry of Health and other government agencies to confront Corona, and to take maximum precautions in the procedures for the initial detection and sorting of cases before entering the main hospitals.


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