Watch … a dragon image discovered on Mars


The photo was taken in 2007, but now “Amazing Discovery” was found, when NASA employees accidentally found the right angle for photography.

NASA employees have released a picture of Mars, showing the legendary Chinese dragon. In fact, this is the valley of the Milas Chasma Valley, which is considered the deepest point in the Mariner Valley – a massive system of canyons covering a quarter of the planet’s equator.

Experts said that billions of years ago, in this place, there was an ancient lake. After the lake dried up, sediments formed on the surface of the valley, as well as traces of wind and volcanic ash, like this picture.

The picture was taken in 2007 with the help of the HiRISE camera, but they were only able to “see” the drawing of the dragon now, when researchers chose the right angle for photography.

This is not the first “strange” image of Mars. Earlier, a hole was discovered on the Red Planet, which in the photo looks like a pencil.


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