Washington calls on Guaido to make way for elections in Venezuela


On Tuesday, the United States called on the leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Juan Guaido, who is recognized by the acting president, to step down from the transitional presidency, temporarily, in an amendment of its strategy aimed at toppling President Nicolas Maduro in order to make way for organizing elections in the country, at a time demanding Including Caracas, Guaido to appear, for questioning for “masterminding a coup attempt”.

In a shift in the American position more than a year after a campaign led by Washington to overthrow Maduro, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanded Maduro and Guaido to form a transitional government working to organize elections within six to 12 months; but Pompeo stressed that American goals did not change He said, at a press conference, that Guaido has the right to stand as a presidential candidate. He added: “We were clear from the start that Maduro will not rule Venezuela again.” When asked about the possibility of running Guaido elections, Pompeo said: “Yes, of course.”

He added: Guaido “is the most popular politician in Venezuela, and if elections are held, he will achieve a very good result,” stressing that Washington continues to support him. On the other hand, he stressed, “Maduro must go.”



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