Warning from “UEFA” for Saint-Germain despite the stoppage of matches!


UEFA gives a warning to Paris Saint-Germain.

  • St. Germain players mocked Dortmund’s Halland player

Although football activity is currently stalled on the continent of Europe due to the “Corona” virus, the European Football Association (UEFA) continues its usual work by studying the cases that happened in its competitions before suspending the matches and making decisions accordingly.

Among these cases was what happened in the second leg of the Champions League 16 match between Paris Saint-Germain and his German guest Borussia Dortmund.

According to what was reported in the French newspaper “L’Equipe”, “UEFA” issued a warning to Saint Germain without taking a penalty against him during his meeting, which dates back to the 26th of last March.

The reason for this warning is that the Parisian club mocked the Dortmund player, the young Norwegian Erling Halland, by imitating the way he celebrated his goal in the two teams’ first leg.

In addition, “L’Equipe” mentioned that “UEFA” decided to stop Dortmund player Emery Chan for two games after being sent off in the second leg against St. Germain as a result of his altercation with the Brazilian Neymar.


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