Warning about the seriousness of the primary e-mail application for iPhone – economic – the last deal


Information security experts have warned that the Mail’s primary email app for iPhone smartphones could be vulnerable to hackers ’risks to their email accounts.

The Wall Street Journal pointed out that data security company experts “Zik Opus” discovered the security vulnerability in the “Mail” application that allows hackers to install malicious spyware on an iPhone device by sending an email prepared specifically for this purpose.

In some versions of the iOS operating system for iPhone phones, the piracy process can take place when the malicious e-mail message is downloaded through the Mail application without the need for any step on the part of the recipient of the message.

According to CNet.com, a tech specialist, the vulnerability could be corrected soon. On the other hand, Apple provided a remedy for this vulnerability in the latest release of the initial beta (beta) for the “Mail” application.

For its part, Apple said in a statement published by Bloomberg News that it had reviewed the reports and concluded that these gaps do not present a danger to users.

“Researchers have reached 3 points on the MiL application, but on their own it is not enough to bypass protective measures on iPhones and iPads. We have not found evidence that it can be used against customers,” Apple said.



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