Walid Suleiman loses 1.7 million pounds in his market value despite the renewal of Al-Ahly


Walid Suleiman, the Al-Ahly Club game maker, retreated in the latest marketing value update on the statistics website, Transfer Market, by one million and 700,000 Egyptian pounds. It was the marketing value Walid Suleiman Before April 8, it was estimated at about half a million euros, equivalent to 8 million and 600 thousand Egyptian pounds, before its marketing value fell to 400 thousand euros, equivalent to 6 million and 900 thousand Egyptian pounds.

It is noteworthy that the highest marketing value reached by Al-Ahly container in the 2012 season is about one million euros, equivalent to 17 million pounds at the present time.

Walid Suleiman, the Al-Ahly player, recently signed his renewal contracts with the Red Castle for 22 million pounds in two pure tax seasons, at 11 million per season, provided that the player is excluded from the participation rate.

Although Walid Suleiman and Al-Ahly did not disclose the value of the amount that the player received upon renewal, a source in the Red Fort revealed the value of the contract, which is 11 million pounds per season, excluding taxes, explaining that Walid Suleiman became the most expensive player in the history of Al-Ahly.

The source said that what is currently acquired by Walid Suleiman has not been obtained by any other player in the history of the Red Castle. The planning committee for the ball in the club, Walid Suleiman, was informed during the negotiation session that they gathered Thursday before the headquarters of the club in the island that his contract has become the highest in the history of the club.

Al-Ahly dealt very professionally with the renewal of the file of the senior team quadrants, and the whole matter was assigned to the ball planning committee headed by Mohsen Saleh and the membership of Zakaria Nasif and Khaled Bebo, as well as recommendations from the team’s technical staff, led by Swiss Rene Filer, technical director of the Red Castle .


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