Video- The stars participate with Ahmed Saad in “Stay home”


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Publication date: Sunday, April 19 2020 – 19:36

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        Mazzika released a new clip entitled "Stay in the House" by Ahmed Saad, in which many stars participated.<p>"Stay in the House" written by Ahmed Ibrahim, composed by Ahmed Saad and distributed by Taha Al-Hakim, and directed by Mostafa Fouad.

The clip was filmed in the villa of Ahmed Saad and precautionary measures were taken through the photo team.

A large number of stars participated in filming the clip, while they were in their homes, namely Amr Saad, Hani Ramzy, Amr Youssef, Bayoumi Fouad, May Selim, Rehab El-Gamal, Tota and Aous Os. Football stars Essam Al-Hadary, Ahmed Hassan and Mahmoud Kahraba participated, and also Hisham Al-Jazzar, the managing director. The company “Mazzika” also included the children Judy Ahmed Saad, Amy Mahmoud Al-Baz, Munir Mahmoud Al-Baz, Anas Jamal Farooq and Younis Islam Al-Shakshaki.

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