Video .. Sherine Abdel Wahab releases “I May Not Fancy”


I posed The star Sherine Abdel Wahab Her latest song, “Mish Qad Al Hawa”, was brought back to her fans again after an absence, which is from the words of Muhammad Al-Ghunaimi, composed by Muhammad Rahim, distributed by Ahmed Ibrahim.

And the song’s lyrics say: He said that you are not fancy .. The fancy will be given to his people, eh your income with his sense .. The distance is that it is permissible, and I am out of the hour after it .. Tell me about the words that are painful for a long time, and I will suspend it. The origin of silence in this case is the most informed response.

The star Sherine Abdel Wahab returned to social networking sites after an absence of about 5 months, after her decision to close all of her accounts on Social Media after her recent crisis.

Sherine had promoted the song through her personal account on the site “Twitter”, saying: “My beloved, my new song, which I promised you, and I did not like it soon on YouTube.”

Sherine wrote through her official account with “Twitter” to urge the public to stay at home and commit to homelessness to limit the spread of the Corona virus, saying: “I am here, my love, and very simplified when under the circumstances in which the whole world is in it and everyone who has someone who loves him is worried and afraid Accordingly, I met you, so remember me and ask about me, I want to assure you that I am fine, praise be to God, and like all of you, a rule in my home with my family, and my dream is that the cloud has gone beyond good.


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