Video | NASA announces the discovery of a new type of black hole


The US space agency NASA announced the discovery of a new type of “medium mass” black hole, after noting the incident of devouring a nearby star.

Earlier, scientists discovered two types of black holes, one of which is small and is formed by the collapse of a huge star and the second massive located in the heart of large galaxies, and its mass is estimated at millions or billions of solar masses, but there was a missing link in the development of black holes, which is the “medium mass” hole, according to Agency website.

The Hubble Space Telescope found these types of holes, which are estimated to be fifty thousand times the mass of the Sun.

“It is very difficult to discover medium-sized black holes. Because when the appropriate hole is found, all alternative explanations must be taken into consideration and then excluded,” said scientist Dachin Lane of the University of New Hampshire.

Hubble monitored x-rays (these rays were emitted in 2006, but scientists were unable to know their source) that is emitted from a location in the constellation of Aquarius. According to the opinion of scientists, this is a medium-sized black hole site, and the evidence is to shred it to a star close to it.

The new discovery opens the door for scientists to conduct research and other studies related to the development of holes.

Earlier, scientists from the International Center for Astronomy Research recorded the strongest explosion in the universe since the Big Bang, according to EurekAlert.


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