Video Love energy heroes reveal the details of the second part of the series


7:00 am

Wednesday 01 April 2020

Books – Baha Hijazi:

The great actress Anushka said that an important and social energy series of love, with many strands diverging and intertwining, and the strange thing for her is the dose of comedy in it.

Yusra Al-Lawzi revealed some features of her character’s development in the second part of the series “Energy of Love”, in an interview with It’s Showtime with the series’ heroes while filming.

Yousra Al-Lawzi said that her character in the series goes through many stages, and she is the daughter of very rich businessmen, but she is not spoiled, and seeks to prove her abilities away from relying on her father’s wealth, and on the other hand, her life is turned when she knows love for the first time, and she is exposed in the second part of the series to problems Extremely healthy and psychological.

The artist Ahmed Hatem plays the role of Amir Sultan Al-Basha, who is from a very poor family and his father in the series, the artist Sami Maghawry, who is a lite gentle character, as he described it.

The first part of the series was shown on viu, and its heroes continue to shoot the second part.

The series “Energy Love” is directed by Ahmed Yousry, and co-starring Yousra El Lawzi, Ahmed Hatem, Rasha Mahdi, Anushka and Sami Maghawry.


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