Video .. Armed protesters demand an end to the closure of Corona, Michigan, USA


Boeing announced Thursday a gradual resumption of production of commercial aircraft in the United States, next week, after a several-week hiatus in response to quarantine measures to stem the spread of the emerging corona virus.

The decision to gradually resume production includes the group’s factories in northwestern Washington State, which employ 70,000 people.

The 787 production site in South Carolina will remain closed.

About 27,000 employees will be the first to return to work. Production of the 787 is scheduled to resume from April 23.

The US Boeing Aircraft Manufacturing Group announced on April 5 the indefinite extension of activity in its factories in Washington State, due to the isolation measures adopted to cope with the outbreak of the Corona virus.

And media reports had confirmed on March 18 that the American aviation giant (Boeing) wanted to obtain sixty billion dollars in loans from the US government, to help it provide the necessary liquidity to continue it, after the “massive” losses suffered recently due to the spread of the Corona virus, and problems Related to the fall of two of its planes.

According to the New York Times, Boeing is pushing for tens of billions of dollars in loans from the aviation sector in order to support it in the face of the losses it has incurred due to the virus.

The company said that any liquidity that would be granted to the company would be used to pay salaries and payments to suppliers to maintain the well-being of the supply chain.

The plane crashes of an airline, “Air Line” at the end of October 2018 and another belonging to the Ethiopian Airlines on March 10, in similar circumstances, killed 346 people. Investigations indicated a defect in one of the information systems in the two planes.


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