Video and pictures .. Similar to Mohamed Salah for “Emirates Today”: He entered ads with “Mo Salah”, not exceeding 1% – Sports – Arab and International


Engineer Ahmed Bahaa, similar to the Egyptian player and Liverpool star Mohamed Salah, confirmed that he entered the ads that he participated in with the Egyptian player and he played in them with a number of shots that are difficult for the player to be in, not exceeding 1% of the value of the advertisement, and not, as some believe it is huge financial sums, explaining He participated with the Egyptian superstar in more than 4 ads for Egyptian and international companies such as Pepsi and Vodafone and “Stronger than Drugs”.

Ahmed Bahaa had settled in work in the Emirates, where he was searching for a new experience in work, leaving the field of engineering in Egypt as well as advertisements.

Ahmed Bahaa said to “Emirates Today”: “The people’s love for the Egyptian player, Mohamed Salah, contributed to my knowledge and the people’s love for me personally greatly. The resemblance to me does not represent any inconvenience, but on the contrary, I feel bad when many children think that I am Mohamed Salah really, but they They are shocked afterwards that I am almost like the player, not him, making ads is not a profitable thing that some may imagine that something is profitable, and in fact I made a number of ads with the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, in addition to my ads, but they are irregular and therefore cannot be relied upon to be a steady source of income ”

The Egyptian engineer, who Mohamed Salah said before, is the same, and not the opposite, when they met in the village of Najrij, the birthplace of the Egyptian player: “I have not spoken to Mohamed Salah since he moved to Liverpool, before that he had my number and contacted him at intervals, but since I He changed his number and the presence of his agent became difficult to reach.

On his life in the Emirates, Bahaa said: “I was exposed to many situations with the Arab and African audiences, especially the latter, as the Africans believe that I am really Mohamed Salah, they can photograph with me, and this gives me great pleasure because of the love that the Egyptian star enjoys.”

Bahaa explained that being present at home due to the Corona virus stood before the beginning of his work extensively, but he had attended the Egyptian Super Cup final between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, which was held last February and celebrated with the Zamalek stars as he is a white fan and also met with many Egyptian officials from the Football Association .




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