Video .. 6 deadly targets painted the Germans knot in the eighties


In light of the sphere of football activity around the world due to fears of the spread of the new Corona virus “Covid 19”, nostalgia for what is old is present with the absence of football at the present time, and lack of clarity about the possibility of its return again soon.

In the first episode of the series of killer goals in the spherical decades of the twentieth century, “Al Ain Sports” reviewed several deadly goals in the nineties, to remind the masses of them in the hope of breaking the boredom most of them currently live due to the Corona virus.

But this episode will be different because its German champion, who individually dominated the moments of sudden football in the eighties at the club and national level.

The “Sports Eye” will shed light during these lines on 6 historical scenes of the Germans in that era, all of which gave joy to their competitors and left them in shock, sorrow and remorse.

Liverpool defeat Bayern Munich

In the second leg of the 1981 European Champions League Clubs Championship (currently UEFA Champions League) I entered a match Bayern Munich The German owner of the land with his English host Liverpool at the Olympic Stadium Munich last ten minutes, as the owner of the land was armed with a negative tie in Anfield Road.

But Liverpool managed to get past its hosts in the 83rd minute through star Raymond Kennedy.

Although Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the best European player at the time, scored a goal two minutes before the end, Bayern Munich came out with the goal base, while Liverpool completed its path towards the title, which achieved it by winning 1-0 against Real Madrid in the final.

Insulting exit of machines

The 1984 European Nations Cup in France represented a negative historical memory for the defending champion of the time the German national team, as this was the first time in the history of machines that he emerged from one of the major world championships from the group stage.

Germany entered the Spain match at the end of the group stage with 3 points from a negative tie with Portugal and a 2–1 victory over Romania, but a Spanish goal in the 90th minute scored by Antonio Maqueda caused Germany to occupy third place with 3 points and bid farewell to the championship.

Historic Madrid Rimontada

The German Borussia Moenchengladbach team managed to advance 5-1 against Real Madrid, in the first leg of the European Cup final “EuroBalige” in November 1985, but the merengue managed to return home with a 4-0 victory, to qualify with the base of the corporate goal.

The result indicated the Real’s 3-0 lead up to the 88th minute, when the Royal scored the fatal goal that led him to the quarter-finals through Carlos Santinala.

Real won the title this season in the end, with a 5-3 victory over Germany’s Cologne, too, with two games.

The bite of the Maradona World Cup

After Germany’s Rudi Voller succeeded in equalizing the score 2-2 between Germany and Argentina in the 1986 World Cup Final in Mexico, the legend of Tango dancers Diego Armando Maradona managed to send a fatal golden pass in the 84th minute.

The deadly pass reached Jorge Prochagja, and it was followed by German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher and put the ball into the net, announcing the goal of crowning the Tango team with the second and last World Cup title in its history.

The match had started at the time, with an Argentine goal for Jose Brown in the first half, then Jorge Valdano doubled the lead in the 56th minute, before Rummenigge scored in the 74th minute, then Fuller in the 81st minute.

Madjer hits the Bavarian twice

In the 1987 Champions League final, Bayern Munich defeated Porto, via a goal by Ludwig Kogel in the 25th minute, but a winner, Madjer, leveled the match for Porto 13 minutes before the end, with a historic goal of the heel that brought the Portuguese back to the match.

In the 80th minute, Georgi Filo managed to score the goal of giving Porto his first European title in his history, to stun the Bavarian giant with a fatal scenario.

The goal was also made by the Algerian legend Madjer, through an elaborate cross from the left side, which Philo brilliantly turned into the net.

Van Basten avenges the mills

History of the Netherlands has written to take revenge on Germany, which defeated its golden generation in the 1974 World Cup Final with a score of 1-2, with the same result and in the back of the machinery house also in the same scenario.

In the 1974 World Cup Final, the Netherlands advanced with a goal through Johannes Niskins with a penalty kick, then Germany tied Paul Paulner with another penalty, then Gerd Muller scored the goal of the machines in the 43rd minute, to crown Germany as world champion at the Olympia Stadion Stadium in Munich.

In the 1988 European Nations Cup semi-finals at Volkswagen Stadium Stadion, Germany, the Mensheviks made a penalty kick by Luther Matthews, then the Mills team tied a similar penalty kick through Ronald Koeman, before Marco van Basten scored the goal of the mills’ final in the 88th minute.

The Netherlands team later succeeded in winning the tournament, which remained the only one in the major tournaments throughout its history, with a 2-0 victory in the final against the Soviet Union.


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