US stocks rise on hopes of a drug to treat “Corona”


US stocks rose, and made gains for the week, on the back of several factors, including hope for a new drug against the Corona virus and US President Donald Trump’s plan to reopen the economy.

The Dow Jones industrial average rose 704.81 points, or 2.99%, to 24,242.49 points.

The index “Standard & Poor’s” 500 rose 75.01 points, or 2.68%, to record 2,874.56 points.

The Nasdaq Composite also advanced 117.78 points, or 1.38%, to 8650.14 points.

US stocks are witnessing a rise supported by a rise in shares of “Boeing” and Trump’s plan to reopen the economy, which was announced yesterday, and hopes for a drug from “Gilead” company to treat the emerging corona virus infection.


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