Urgent communication against an Egyptian artist because of the alleged injury to Corona – thought and art – east and west


Egyptian lawyer Ayman Mahfouz submitted an urgent report to the public prosecutor, requesting an investigation with the singer Enas Ezz El-Din, because of the publication of videos about her HIV infection and her false claim.

Mahfouz presented with the report a CD containing what he demanded, and Mahfouz demanded that the singer present for an urgent trial on charges of alleged infection with the Corona virus, through a video on her personal account that brought him to the hospital with fever and insect infestations with some pests and insects and the lack of equipment and medicines to combat the Corona virus in the hospital.

Mahfouz added that this behavior has no purpose other than to destroy the efforts made by the state in combating the global epidemic, and this video contributed to the exploitation of anti-Egypt channels to offend the reputation of our country and disturb peace and social security at a time when that singer had to calculate the behavior of her and that we are at a time that must That we all unite with the state and its institutions.

Ezzedine had announced that she had dealt with the matter in good faith and spontaneity, explaining that after a week’s return from Morocco she had received a call from someone who was reassuring about her health condition, assuring her that there was a case in the plane that she had returned from Morocco was infected with the virus, asking her if the symptoms increased. Call “105”.



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