United States: Over 2,100 corona deaths in one day | Arab and international news


On Friday, the United States of America recorded 2108 additional deaths, making it the first country in the world to exceed the threshold of two thousand deaths in one day due to the Corona virus.

The total number of deaths in the country is 18586, and it is about to exceed the death toll recorded by Italy (18,849 deaths).

For his part, US President Donald Trump announced Friday that his decision regarding the timing of the opening of the American economy after the closure of the country due to the spread of the Corona virus “will be the most difficult decision he must make.”

“I have to make a decision, and I only hope that God will make the right decision,” he told a news conference. “But I say without any doubt that it will be the most difficult decision I have to make.”

Trump during his press conference (AP)
Trump during his press conference (AP)

Trump, facing a tough battle to be re-elected to a second presidential term in November, is keen to reopen the US economy after weeks of tough measures that closed businesses and froze transportation across the country to slow the spread of the virus.

The strong economy before Corona was the most important strength of the re-election campaign, but the US President faces warnings that an early reopening of the economy could put people’s lives at risk and allow the virus to form new hotspots.

“I have to make the biggest decision in my life,” Trump stressed.

As federal measures on isolation, social separation, and others approach their end of the month, expectations are growing that Trump will inform Americans that they can resume normal activity from May, at least in parts of the country.

Although the decision will be based in part on medical data, political considerations will throw their weight, as well as advice from the business community that was severely affected by the closure, as revenues decreased and unemployment rose unprecedentedly.

But the most important step is Trump’s announcement of his intention to form a new business cell that includes new members, on Tuesday, he said he would call it “the business cell to open our country, or the council to open our country,” and added that the group would include “senior physicians and businessmen, and perhaps also state governors.”

Noting that he is seeking to garner broad support for what may be a dangerous political decision, Trump pointed out that he wants political representation from the Democratic and Republican parties in the labor cell, and said, “I want to appoint members of both parties.”

Trump reassured critics who say he runs the risk of rushing to open the country, saying medical opinion will be the basis, and continued, “We are studying a date, and we hope we will be able to meet a certain date, but we will do nothing until we are sure that the health of these countries will be good.”

“We do not want to go back,” he said.


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