UEFA sets the mechanism for selecting the participants in the Champions League in case the tournaments cannot be completed



UEFA, the European Football Association, has announced that qualification for the next season’s Champions League should be based on sporting merit if local leagues cannot be completed.

The Confederation confirmed during a meeting of its executive committee today, Thursday, via video calling technology, that countries should study all possible options to end the season that has stopped since mid-March due to the spread of the new Corona virus, explaining, “If the local championship is ended prematurely for legitimate reasons … UEFA is among the leagues choosing clubs to take part in European Union competitions for the 2020-2021 season on the basis of sporting merit “based on the results of the current season.”

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Officially ... the name of the European Nations Championship will remain

Although the European Union hopes to complete the current season in one way or another, it is now ready to consider “legitimate reasons” to end the local leagues as it arrived, with the current arrangement considered final and used as a basis for identifying the teams qualified for the Champions League and European League.

The Belgian League is scheduled to take a decision next week to end the season as well, which means that the title will go to Club Bruges, who was ahead of the stoppage, as did the Scottish League, which also goes in the same direction, unlike the German league, which seeks to resume His activity in early May.

Source: AFP


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