Uber pledges to facilitate job opportunities for its drivers in the United States


direct: Uber has announced that its application will announce vacancies in the delivery and food and grocery sector, as its drivers can work in the midst of declining demand and damage due to the outbreak.

Uber suspended customer services in the United States, as part of precautionary measures implemented by the country to control the outbreak of the Corona virus, which caused great material damage to drivers working for the company.

The American Technology Company said through a daily blog published on its website Monday that it will be able for drivers in the United States to obtain another job in new sectors in other companies through their application “Uber” starting today.

She added that she will communicate with more than 240,000 of her registered drivers who hold a commercial license to connect them with companies that provide logistical services for employment and contracting opportunities..

The company said that this decision is limited to the United States so far, but it is seeking to expand it globally.

The CEO of the company, “Dara Khusrawshahi”, stated that the company will continue to expand economic opportunities in the coming months, using technology to create quick and flexible access to work.

Uber said it would include job advertisements for more than 12 companies, including “McDonald’s”, “FedEx Group”, “United Parcel Service” and “PepsiCo” and a series of pharmacies and American grocery stores.


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