UAE’s first Jejutsu team in Asia, which resumes its activities .. and takes all measures against “Corona” – Sports – Local


Jujitsu teams (young adults – adults) start their closed training camp tomorrow at the Armed Forces Officers Club Hotel with taking all necessary measures to avoid corona virus infection, by subjecting all players to the necessary medical exams in order to ensure that they are free of any viral infections, with Maintaining the distances of social separation between them, then handing each of them to their room equipped with the hotel, in which he will be isolated, pending the results of the examination, which will be supervised by the competent health authorities and the Emirates Jujitsu Federation.

The Jujitsu team will be the first in the UAE, the Middle East and Asia, which will set up a closed camp after activity ceased in the last two months, with a list of youth, youth and men teams comprising 43 players.

Technical Director Mubarak Saleh Al-Menhali stressed that the Emirates Jujitsu Federation deals positively with all data, and that he is always keen to be at the forefront with ideas and initiatives that raise morale and transmit positive spirit in the society, with great care to provide the highest levels of prevention with the highest standards approved for players And coaches and administrators because they are the most important thing we have. He said: The camp comes in implementation of the directives and decisions of the Federation’s Board of Directors at its last meeting held last week, and after receiving the results of the medical examination for all players, and ensuring their safety, the full training program will be approved by two training sessions per day, one of them is light physical before breakfast, and the second in the evening It lasts from two hours from ten to twelve in the evening, focusing on the technical and skill aspects and the movements of the jujitsu.

Al-Menhali added: Medical examinations will take place regularly from time to time in the camp to constantly check on players and technical devices, and we aim to raise the technical and physical competence of players in preparation for the resumption of sports activity, and there is a perception of establishing a tournament or two championships for players inside the camp, and we are keen to provide entertainment for players and technical devices, There is also a working group that communicates with the hotel management to provide all means of support for the success of the camp and agree on the dates and training programs and food programs and their dates as well, and all the services provided.

And on the most important international associations for the national teams in the coming stage, he said: As for the most prominent tournaments in the new season, it is the Beach Games Championship in China in the beginning of November, and the World Championship for youth, youth and adults under the umbrella of the International Federation in the month of November as well, and there is a perception of the establishment of the Abu Dhabi World Championship for Jujitsu Professionals In the same month, with a limited time difference from the World Championship, in addition to the continental and world connections for youth, youth and adult teams.




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