UAE supports Saudi Arabia’s call for oil talks


 UAE Energy Minister Suhail Al Mazroui said on Sunday that his country supports a Saudi proposal to call for an emergency meeting of OPEC + and other producers.</p><div data-qa-component="item-story" data-rc-highlight="story" dir="rtl">

    He added in a statement that there is a need for a joint and unified effort from all the oil producing countries, not just the OPEC + countries.

    He continued, saying that the UAE is confident that if an agreement is reached, all producers will work in a speed and cooperation to face the weak demand for oil in global markets and seek to restore balance to the market and keep global oil stocks at reasonable levels.

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     Kuwaiti Oil Minister Khaled al-Fadil said today, Sunday, that his country supports Saudi Arabia's call for new talks on reducing oil supplies later this week, expressing his hope for positive results that contribute to the stability of the oil market.</p>
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        OPEC and the allies, led by Russia, a group known as OPEC +, are scheduled to meet on Thursday to discuss a new deal to curb production and end a price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia that prompted U.S. President Donald Trump to intervene.</p>
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        Al-Fadil confirmed during a telephone conversation with Reuters, Kuwait's full support for Saudi Arabia and its efforts to return OPEC + to the negotiating table.</p>


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