UAE – Plenty of masks and sterilizers available


(MENAFN – Al-Bayan) Source:

  • Abu Dhabi – Abdul Hay Muhammad, Sharjah – Issam Al Din Awad, Ras Al Khaimah – Ahmed Abu Al Fotouh

April 1, 2020 Major outlets in the country confirmed the existence of a large abundance of masks and sterilizers, stressing that what is being raised about the existence of a shortage is merely rumors that are not true at all. She pointed to the availability of masks and sterilizers in its branches scattered in the Emirates, stressing that there is no shortage of them.

Nanda Kumar, media adviser to the Lulu World Group in Abu Dhabi, confirmed to the ‘economic statement that there is a large supply of masks and sterilizers in all Lulu branches, whether in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the northern regions, stressing that the group provides 1.6 million pieces of masks daily, and the price of the fund that includes 18 mask AED 29 (an average of 1.61 dirhams for muzzle), and its stores also contain enough amounts of face masks, gloves, and sterilizers.

He said: All of our 76 branches across the country have masks and sterilizers available in large quantities and at competitive prices. He pointed out that there is an immediate follow-up with the branch officials to know its supply first hand and determine its needs.

Mohamed Iyad, Director of Public Relations and Media of the Lulu Group in Dubai and the northern regions, stressed that there is no shortage of all Lulu branches of masks and sterilizers, stressing the presence of a large supply in most of the branches.

He stressed the presence of a large and sufficient stock of masks and depths at the group, whether in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, noting that the group has, over the past days, provided non-group associations and retail stores with no large groups of masks.

He noted that the group provides large quantities of masks to some circles in the northern regions, indicating that yesterday it provided more than 30 thousand masks for two districts in Sharjah. He added, “We have strict instructions to provide additional quantities of masks in all branches and immediate communication between the branch manager and the main center in Dubai or Abu Dhabi to fill any deficiency if it exists and this deficiency in the original does not currently exist.”

a tour

And confirmed a tour of the ‘economic statement in the outlets in Sharjah yesterday, the availability of masks at reasonable prices and less than pharmacies, in addition to the stability and availability of sterilizers prices. Nushad, Director of Marketing Department at Lulu Hypermarket Centers, stated that all respirators are available, indicating that there is a daily monitoring of the branches to ensure the availability of masks and sterilizers, all of which are sold at lower prices than pharmacies, pointing out that they have 8 branches in Sharjah and all of them are available, and that There is a large stock of them in warehouses. A number of consumers agreed to provide masks in the branch branch at reasonable prices, as well as all sterilizers and disinfectants.

Ras Al Khaimah

In Ras Al-Khaimah, the Lulu Department confirmed the availability of masks, sterilization, disinfection and glove packages in its three branches in Ras Al-Khaimah, stressing that the sale process is studied on a daily basis to provide new quantities directly and meet the needs.

The Carrefour Hypermarket department at the Al-Manar Mall in Ras Al-Khaimah indicated that large quantities of gags and hand sanitizers were allocated to consumers before receiving shopping carts in light of the high shopping and purchases during the recent period, noting that the supply of gags on sale shelves is quickly purchased by Customers, as additional quantities of sterilizers were supplied to more than one brand, which is widely available.



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