UAE federation postpones deciding the fate of the Arab Gulf League


The Board of Directors of the Emirates Football Association held today its second meeting, chaired by Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, with the participation of the First Vice President of the Federation and President of the UAE Professional League, Abdullah Nasser Al Junaibi.
The meeting was held according to the visual communication system according to the precautionary procedures followed in the Emirates Football Association, with the participation of the second deputy Youssef Hussein Al-Sahlawi, the second deputy Hisham Mohamed Al-Zarouni, and the members of the Board of Directors Hamid Ahmed Al-Tayer, Ali Hamad Al-Badawi, Saif Majid Al-Mansoori, Salem Ali Al Shamsi, Ahmed Youssef Darwish, Amal Hassan Abu Shallakh, Khalfan Jumah Balhoul, Ibrahim Salman Al Hammadi and Salem Abdullah Al Shamsi, Secretary General of the Football Association Muhammad Abdullah Hazam Al Dhaheri and Assistant Secretary General for Technical Affairs Ibrahim Al Nimr.The General Secretary of the Football Association Mohammed Abdullah Hazam Al-Dhaheri said during the press conference that was held after the end of the meeting with a visual communication system with the participation of representatives of the various media that the meeting started with the speech of the President of the Federation Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, in which he praised the great efforts made by the rational leadership to limit the spread of the Corona virus And providing a safe and healthy environment for everyone who lives in the UAE, also praising the great role played by the competent authorities in the country, represented by the Disaster and Crisis Authority and the Ministry of Health and Community Protection and all who work for public safety.

He added that the Board of Directors decided to form a work team headed by the First Vice President of the Federation and President of the UAE Professional League, Abdullah Nasser Al Junaibi, and includes representatives of the Football Association and the League committees to coordinate on the latest developments related to local competitions, in contact with the International and Asian Football Federations, and inform the Board of the latest developments in this regard to take Appropriate decisions, knowing that the football season activity is suspended from March 15th until the fifteenth of this month.

The Secretary-General added that the Board of Directors was briefed on the recommendations of the National Teams and Technical Affairs Committee regarding holding a meeting with the coach of the first national team Ivan Jovanovic during the next week, as well as the recommendation of the Committee on the Status and Transfer of Players, to hold a remote workshop for clubs to discuss them in the current situations and related to the developments of the league postponement in the light of The decisions that will be issued by the International Football Association in this regard, especially with regard to reducing salaries or extending contracts, which refer to legislation expected to be issued by FIFA.

The Board of Directors decided to postpone the establishment of the Emirates ball retreat due to the current health conditions for a later time, and to use the homes of international expertise to contribute to preparing the Federation’s work strategy during the next four years, and to benefit from the FIFA Development Committee, through the use of one of the advisors affiliated with the International Federation, in order to evaluate the performance The institutional institution of the federation and granting it a comprehensive vision and setting long and short term development plans that are in line with the vision of the Board of Directors and the goals it seeks to achieve in the future.

Meanwhile, Bin Hazam indicated that the federation agreed to the competitions committee’s recommendation to cancel all competitions for the annual stages of the current season, in line with the precautionary measures and safety of young players and their families, and revealed the progress of Saif Al Mansouri, a member of the federation’s board of directors, by resigning from the membership of the Al Dhafra Club board of directors in line with the system The basic decision was also decided to nominate Hamid Al Tayer, a member of the Executive Bureau of the West Asian Federation, as a substitute for Rashid Al Zaabi, a former board member.

He concluded, “There will be continuous workshops between committees, clubs, and the rest of the institutions, all from a distance, and soon there will be a legal workshop to revise the regulations and a workshop for the Committee on the Status and Transfer of Players.”


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