UAE airlines open the door for reservations for flights in May


UAE airlines open the door for reservations for flights in May


                    Ashraf Mohammad Mohammad Alamra

Dubai International Airport – Archive

4 UAE airlines, Emirates Airlines, Etihad, Arabia and flydubai have announced the opening of reservations for their websites, in preparation for the possible resumption of passenger flights.

And sources working in the aviation sector in the Emirates said that “does not necessarily mean traveling according to these dates, because the matter depends on the developments of the current situation and on the approvals obtained by the competent authorities.”

She added, “The schedules of reservations on the airline sites can change according to the developments of the current situation, and in the event of reservations, and travel is not permitted, the owners of the tickets will be subject to a set of options that include changing the reservation date or obtaining a voucher for the value of the ticket.”

She indicated that the natural schedule of reservations will be in both directions for Emirates Airlines starting from the first of July, and flydubai from May 16, Air Arabia from May 15, and Etihad Airways from May 16.

For his part, a spokesman for Etihad Airways said: “Although a number of flights can still be booked, the existing suspension will remain the same and Etihad will announce any change in the future.”

“The tickets will be available at flexible and refundable prices only after April 29, 2020 for travel between June 16 and August 31, 2020,” he added.

He pointed out that there is an increasing demand for flights, which prompted the companies to open their reservations in particular, and that there are many individuals who wish to resume their business, which raises the demand steadily after stopping for about two months, due to the general ban.

Source: “Emirates Today”


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