Turkish singer dies. 288 days without food in protest of the government


Source: Ankara – Associated Press

After 288 days of hunger strike, a member of a banned folk music ensemble died in Turkey.

The Yorm squad, in a post on its official Twitter account, said that Helen Polik died Friday in a house in Istanbul where she was on hunger strike to force the government to change its treatment of the squad and its members.

It is noteworthy that the group known for its protest songs is a group popular music band whose members change periodically. She has been prevented from bidding since 2016 after imprisoning some of its members.

The government also accuses the group of having links to the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party, which Turkey, America and the European Union have designated a terrorist organization.

Meanwhile, Polik and fellow band member Ibrahim Gokcek entered a hunger strike to force the government to lift the ban on the group and release its detained members.

A Turkish newspaper said that the two were forcibly taken to hospital on March 11, but that they were discharged a week later after refusing treatment.

In Turkey, hunger strikers usually refuse to eat but consume liquids to prolong their protests.


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