Turkish retreats again Economy of money and business of the Syrians


After rising for a few hours, during the pre-Friday trade, the Turkish lira fell again to levels close to its lowest price since August 2018.The Turkish lira fell to 6.9190 against the dollar, at 4:54 Istanbul time (1:54 GMT), according to “Bloomberg.”

The Turkish had risen to 6.83 against the dollar, around 2:46 Istanbul time (11:46 GMT), according to Reuters.

Reuters said in a previous report, the growing risk appetite in emerging markets helped the Turkish currency to compensate for some of the losses it incurred this week due to concerns about the economic impact of the Corona virus pandemic.

But the Turkish fell back again to trade near its weakest level ever reached during the currency crisis in 2018.

In mid-August 2018, the Turkish currency fell to $ 7.24.


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