Turkish instead of Lebanese drama


Turkish drama dubbed into the Syrian dialect is not born today. It was the first mbc network to launch it nearly 15 years ago and cemented its place on the small screen. The Saudi Network was the first to promote these projects, introduce them to the Arab House, and purchase series with large sums of money. But with the outbreak of the Saudi-Qatari war and Turkey standing by Doha, the MBC completely reversed the equation and stopped that drama by order of the Saudi Court. After months, the Saudi Network suffered a financial loss and lost a large percentage of its audience, to return later and focus on Turkish drama on the application of “Shahid” and currently displays a set of works that it broadcasts exclusively. However, this policy regarding Turkish projects arrived late to the Lebanese channels, even if they are weak compared to the Saudi channel. A few years ago, local screens started broadcasting a second and third show of Turkish series. Back then, those projects were distributed to most of the channels, but they were weak experiences that did not achieve a high viewership. The Turkish drama did not enter the Lebanese scenes strongly, but was limited to showing series in parallel with the Gulf channels. In the recent period, the Lebanese screens raised the ceiling of the competition, and introduced Turkish projects to the Lebanese trip during and outside the month of Ramadan. The channels followed the policy of starting the series before the month of fasting and later completing the show. Last year, Al-Jadeed TV channel achieved a great reputation for its “Love Blind” series, which is considered one of the most important works presented in the past ten years. The channel achieved a very high view rate, and the series aired before Ramadan and continued for many months after it. This year, in light of the absence of Lebanese drama from the table in Ramadan or its timid presence, the screens placed their weight in broadcasting a series of Turkish series. It seems surprising how the competitive screens flipped from local drama to Turkish and changed the rules of the game. MTV shows three series in one batch: “Woman”, “Bitterness of Love”, “Our Story”. For its part, Al-Jadeed also presents three series: “Black and White Love”, “Black Sea” and “Fadela Khanum”. As for lbci, it is not out of the race, as it decided to introduce Turkish drama to the Ramadan table through the series “Love and Tears”. What unites these works is that they are not recent, but were previously shown on Arab channels, specifically osn many months ago, and some date back to 5 or 6 years ago. But this time I knocked on the door of the Lebanese follower and grabbed her well. In short, the channels have forgotten that this drama is now available on YouTube and some of the applications it presents are translated and transmit the latest works that are filmed in Turkey and achieve millions of watching and listening.


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