Turkey Urgent | Great results for Corona treatment coming out of Chicago, USA, here are the details


Great results for Corona treatment coming out of Chicago, USA, here are the details

Global tests are trying hard to extract the new Coronavirus treatment after it exhausted the world and destroyed its economy.

In the midst of that, the director of the Jordanian Cancer Center, Assem Mansour, said that positive information from Chicago, USA, regarding the test of “Remdesivir” on patients with coronavirus.

Mansour added in a tweet via his account on the social networking site “Twitter” that: “The preliminary results of the study appear promising, as 123 of the 125 patients who underwent clinical trials have been improved, awaiting the rest of the results from other centers that participate in the same study, but the initial results are promising.”

And an American study published Friday by the National Institute for Infectious Diseases showed that the experimental anti-viral drug “Remdesivir” slows the development of the Coruna virus in monkeys.

The test was conducted in two groups of 6 monkeys, all of whom were vaccinated with SARS virus, responsible for Covid-19 disease.

One group received treatment developed by the American laboratory “Gilead Sciences”, while the other group received no treatment to be able to compare.

The institute said in a statement that 12 hours after the virus was injected into the monkeys, the group being treated received a daily “remdesivir” dose for 6 days.

Scientists were keen to give treatment to the monkeys before the virus branched into the lungs, and after the end of the specified period they noticed an improvement in the condition of 5 monkeys, while the sixth monkey faced slight breathing difficulties.

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