Trump: There is no drug yet against the emerging coronavirus


Trump: There is no drug yet against the emerging coronavirus


U.S. President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump said Friday that there is no drug yet against the emerging corona virus.

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New York Governor: The Coronavirus has spread to the state from the old continent, not from China

The US President indicated at a press conference that his country is carrying out numerous tests to use antibodies against the deadly virus.

He stressed that the United States has made remarkable progress in fighting the virus in the past seven days.

On the other hand, Trump announced that he had signed a $ 320 billion aid package for employment.

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And the US President signed earlier the law to prepare a new support package to protect the economy from the impact of the Corona virus, worth $ 484 billion.

Both houses of Congress approved the support package earlier this week.

The new legislation supports small businesses and their employees, and has allocated nearly $ 100 billion to hospitals and Corona tests.

This is the fourth legislation to finance the support of the economy since the spread of the Coruna virus, as the total amount of support under the four legislation will reach about $ 3 trillion.

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