Trump raises the astonishment of the scientific community with a “dangerous” idea to eliminate Corona


US President Donald Trump has drawn harsh criticism from the scientific community and the medical community, after he proposed during a press conference at the White House on Thursday to inject antiseptic substances into the bodies of people infected with the Coronavirus.

Trump’s statement came as a US official presented the results of a study that illustrates possible strategies to combat the epidemic, and included results on the effect of sunlight on killing the virus, as well as some antiseptics such as bleach and isopropyl alcohol.

Commenting on the results of the Corona Crisis Management effort at the White House, Dr. Deborah Pyrex, Trump said, “Let’s assume exposing the body with ultraviolet radiation or just intense light … I think you mentioned that this was not explored but they will test it.”

“I see how the antiseptic can eliminate the virus in a minute … a minute … Is there a way to do something like this, by injecting it internally, or something like cleaning? It is interesting to try it,” he said.

Widespread condemnation
Trump’s comments stunned the scientific community, with a number of specialists accusing the US president of being irresponsible for putting forward this “dangerous” proposal.

“It is a common method used by those who want to kill themselves,” said a public health expert who specializes in lung and intensive care, speaking to “NBC”, denouncing “an irresponsible and dangerous idea.”

For his part, Dr. John Palmes, a lung pathologist at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and a professor of medicine at the University of California San Francisco, said in a statement to the Bloomberg Network that “the airway and the lungs were not created to be exposed to even an iota of disinfectant.”

“Not even a low concentration of bleach or isopropyl alcohol is safe … This is a totally ridiculous idea.”

It also warned the “Reckitt Benckiser” group producing antiseptics from the use of its products in the treatment of “Covid 19” disease caused by infection with the emerging corona virus.

The group said, “We must be clear that under no circumstances should our antiseptic products be directed to the human body (by injection, syringe, or any other pathway),” noting that their suspension is “a result of recent speculation.”

Communication platforms, too
In a related context, a number of doctors and scholars denounced Trump’s words on social networks.

The French center “Marseille Immunopol” tweeted with sarcasm, saying that “setting fire to the body may be a useful alternative solution as well,” stressing that the methods proposed by the American President “will kill the virus and the sick at the same time!”.

Walter Shope, former director of the Federal Authority for Ethics in the era of former Democratic President Barack Obama, tweeted, “Stop broadcasting his press conferences about the Corona virus, as it endangers lives … Please do not drink sterile materials and do not inject yourself with them.”

“Trump’s press conferences pose a public health threat … boycott this propaganda … listen to the experts, and please do not drink sterile materials,” said Robert Rick, former Labor Secretary under President Bill Clinton.

Many social media pioneers also enjoyed the embarrassment that Dr. Deborah Berks seemed to have during President Trump’s remarks.


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