Trump explains “the possibility of imposing tariffs on Saudi oil” after the price war with Russia


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – US President Donald Trump said on Friday that he can always consider the issue of imposing tariffs on Saudi Arabia’s oil, in the midst of the “oil price war” between the Kingdom and Russia during the past weeks, which has plunged oil prices To record rates.

This came in a White House press briefing, Friday, where Trump said in response to a question if he was looking to impose a tariff on Saudi oil: “Well, I can always look at it, the tariffs have collected a large amount of money for our country. I impose it (the tariff) on China, And impose it on other places, and other countries impose a tariff on us, and they take advantage of us and they have done so for many years. ”

He added: “There is a conflict between them (Saudi Arabia and Russia) and it harms the rest of the world because it harms the energy industry. Russia is unbelievably badly hurt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is incredibly badly hurt. Because oil and gas are essential, where they get most of their income. This is a price like prices.” 1950s, well? It is a price from the 1950’s. They are getting very hurt. I think they will solve their conflict very quickly. ”

He continued, “Look, the countries have taken advantage of the United States for years. They have deceived us with an unbelievable picture, whether it’s in manufacturing, whether it’s in exports, whether it is on almost anything, including the military, where we provide free military assistance Countries take advantage of us, and don’t even love us. Okay? ”

It is noteworthy that two sources of the secretariat of the group of oil-exporting countries “OPEC” revealed to CNN that the emergency meeting called by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the group “OPEC +” will be held on Monday, indicating that other countries producing oil from outside the coalition will be invited to the meeting that will be held via “video conference” According to reports, it is possible that the United States of America and the United Kingdom, along with Canada and Mexico, will be invited to this meeting.


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