Trump directs to destroy all Iranian naval vessels if “molested” by American ships … and Tehran responds


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The US President, Donald Trump, announced on Wednesday that he had issued a directive to destroy all Iranian naval vessels that are hunting and “harassing” American ships at sea.

This came in a tweet to Trump on his page on social networking site, Twitter, where he said: “I directed the US Navy to drop and destroy any and all Iranian (military) boats if they harass our ships by sea.”

For his part, after Ali Reza Mir Yousfi, director of the media office of the Iranian mission to the United Nations, tweeted on his page on social networking site, Twitter, saying: “Amidst the pandemic of Covid-19, the question is what is the US military doing in the Persian Gulf, 7000 miles away from home Iran has proven that it will not be subject to intimidation and threats nor will it hesitate to defend its territory from any and all attacks. ”

It is noteworthy that the American Fifth Fleet published scenes from the moment of “harassment” of the Iranian navy with American warships in the Persian Gulf, according to what he said on his Twitter account, last week.

While the US Central Military Command said, through its website, that 11 Iranian ships of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps have repeatedly and dangerous harassment and harassment of at least 6 ships and destroyers of the US Navy when they were carrying out joint integration operations accompanied by Apache attack helicopters in international waters North of the Arabian Gulf.


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