Trading an image that reveals the face of the Emirati Ghaith .. Is it real?


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The name “Ghaith Al Emarati” is widely researched on Google in Saudi Arabia, in addition to social media platforms, because it hijacked the limelight in its style of providing aid and humanitarian initiatives to those in need in different countries, within the “My Heart Rest assured” program.

It is interesting to note that Ghaith, the young man who presents the program, is keen not to show his shape, which sparked curiosity among many followers to see his shape, because they preferred his method to help the needy, and here, people exchanged a picture of a young man with a face exposed, they said that it was sick, pointing out that the picture was done It was taken during filming of the program in Jordan.

But the photo raised a variation in the reactions, after many commentators questioned its authenticity, and one of them said it was for a young man who appeared in a song called “Be with Ghaith”, while another said that the photo was taken from the introduction to the second part of the program that was shown last year on Abu Dhabi Channel .

A third tweet commented: “Trying to reveal the image of Ghaith’s face, and anyone trying to think of this, and God is a harmful idea and will not rejoice the people, because when this movement was settled, I fought it with its principle and with the most basic thing it tries and reaches an idea through it, the idea of ​​providing good without any purpose other than remuneration Because the idea of ​​his face hiding his appearances fights with days. ”

Another endorsed the last comment by saying: “That Ghaith’s identity be revealed is not good because one of the aesthetics of the program is to hide his personality and identity to help people without hypocrisy, so God has ugly everyone who tries to portray in secret and expose his identity.”

The presenter of the program “My Heart Rest assured”, the third season 2020, appears in an invisible way, as the camera only depicts his back, and Ghaith, whose name or age is unknown, wears a black blouse and a brown bag, which has become a source of happiness for many families.

Followers of the program wished to see Ghaith’s real face, after he made them cry after each episode, but the “My Heart Reassured” program confirmed that Ghaith’s name is not a real personal name whose goal is fame, but the goal of the name was to place the message of giving in a bag full of happiness and hope in the event of getting close to The needy in many countries of the world.

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