Tom Hanks sends a typewriter to an Australian boy who was bullied because his name was “Corona”


Australian television networks reported Thursday that Hollywood star Tom Hanks sent a letter and a typewriter brand “Corona” to an Australian boy who wrote to him complaining of bullying because of his name “Corona”.

Corona de Vries, 8, from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, wrote to Hanks, who and his wife, Rita, spent more than two weeks quarantining an Australian resort because they had Covid 19, caused by the emerging coronavirus.

Channel 7 TV reported that the boy wrote to Hanks saying “I heard in the news that you and your wife were infected with the Coruna virus … are you all right?”

The boy added that he liked his name, but people at school called him “Corona virus,” which caused him sadness and anger.

Hanks, who won two Oscars, responded to the boy, saying, “Do you know that you are the only person I know has the name Corona?”

A picture of the letter released by Channel 7 showed that Hanks said, “I think this typewriter will suit you … Ask an adult how it works, and use it to answer me.”

Hanks concluded his speech by saying, “You have a friend, I …”


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