Tom Hanks in his first TV appearance from his home after recovering from Corona virus


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World star Tom Hanks appeared for the first time after his recovery from Corona virus, on the television program “Saturday Night Live”, on Saturday evening from his home, after returning from Australia, where he and his wife were infected with a virus Sk.

Hanks appeared with several different characters on the program, as he wore the cowboy character and posed comical questions to himself and answered them.

“Hello, it’s nice to be here, although it is strange that I present the program from my home,” Hanks said.

“While I was infected with the Corona virus, nobody wanted to be, people were uncomfortable.”

The world star reassured his fans, “My wife Rita Wilson and I are doing well.”

The famous actor and his wife were treated in a hospital in Australia and isolated themselves for an additional period after leaving the hospital.

Hanks was in Australia to film a film about Elvis Presley when he announced on March 11 that he and his wife had been injured With a virus Sk.

Filming in the movie has been suspended since then, and hundreds of other films and television shows have been filmed around the world.

Hanks, who twice won an Oscar and one of the most popular stars in the United States, and his wife Wilson were among the first major celebrities to have declared the HIV epidemic that has killed 100,000 people worldwide.

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